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Technology News

[05/09/06] 'Cloaking device' idea proposed - The cloaking devices that are used to render spacecraft invisible in Star Trek might just work in reality, two mathematicians have claimed. It would rely on an effect known as "anomalous localised resonance". They have outlined their concept in a research paper published in one of the UK Royal Society's scientific journals.

[09/12/08] Sony PRS-505 Reader - Great Ebook Viewer with monochrome display that is easy on the eyes. Perhaps the most important, the Sony has the really, really good open source support. Kovid Goyal.s libprs500 project supports the Sony PRS-500 and PRS-505, and has very good version tools, allowing people to convert eBooks previously stored in HTML, PDF, TXT, Microsoft Reader (.lit), IDPF/Open eBook (.epub) into Sony.s format.

Science News

[09/15/04] Surprising variations discovered in human genomes - Contrary to expectations, a startling number of large variations have been found in the human genome.

[05/09/06] Plankton blooms linked to quakes - Concentrations of the natural pigment chlorophyll in coastal waters have been shown to rise prior to earthquakes. A joint US-Indian team of researchers analysed satellite data on ocean coastal areas lying near the epicentres of four recent quakes. Details of the research appear in the journal Advances in Space Research.

Space News

[08/11/03] Space Elevators Maybe Closer To Reality Than Imagined - The NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) commissioned Dr Bradley C Edwards to study all aspects of the construction and operation of a space elevator, and Phase I of the report was published in late 2002.

[02/05/09] Scientists discover solar systems Planet X - Researchers at Kobe University in western Japan say theoretical calculations using computer simulations led them to conclude it was only a matter of time before the mysterious Planet X was found.

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